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The Technological and Vocational Education [TVE] system is important in cultivating human resources in Taiwan. Accordingly, to improve the traditional entrance examination and integrate diversified entrance schemes, to simplify admission procedure, to enhance test quality, and to allow the autonomy of TVE colleges in recruiting students, from November 1998 to August 1999, the Ministry of Education [MOE] commissioned National Yunlin University of Science and Technology [NYUST] to research the Examination and Recruitment Separation Program. In a meeting convened on July 8, 1999, MOE pronounced the decision that NYUST would undertake to set up the Testing Center for Technological and Vocational Education [TCTE], and that National Taipei University of Science and Technology to establish the Committee of Recruitment Policy Advancement for Technological Colleges and Universities. Since the 2001 academic year, TCTE, a specialized institution of testing, has taken on a broad range of activities and tasks related to the development of and research on TVE joint college entrance examination.