Contents of Examination and Recruitment Separation Program
General Objectives Immediate Objectives Long-term Objective
Flowchart of the Examinative and Recruitment Separation Program

[1] to improve the quality of tests, with an eye to [i] helping TVE institutions pinpoint the academic competence of prospective students and [ii] directing school instruction into a normalized pattern;

[2] to set reliable evaluating criteria which preserve fairness once upheld by Joint Entrance Exam, while allowing recruiting schools opportunities to choose suitable students;

[3] to shorten the time for admissions processing, thus lessening possible impact on the instruction in schools which have graduates preparing for the test and seeking admission;

[4] to open an unrestrained access for test candidates in choosing their majors and the enrolling schools;.

[5] to provide pencil-and-paper tests that satisfy the needs of individual institutions for recruiting students;

[6] to support the development of school autonomy in recruiting students, without undermining the credibility of the Program as a fair procedure

[7] to bring present/ future test-takers a full understanding of how the Program operates, and to reduce likely burden on the test-takers due to taking the tests and making application repeatedly.