The History Undertakings Organization Chart
Organization Test Administration Committee

The committee is organized on a yearly basis at a specific period, for the execution of both two-year and four-year TVE joint college entrance examinations. The committee consists of the Chair [served by the TCTE Director], the Chief Executive Director [served by the TCTE Vice Director], and a number of members, who form different sections according to task demands. It obliges itself to facilitate the test-taking process, ensure fairness, prevent dishonesty, and guarantee the security in the printing places. .

There have been a number of plans made for improving test administration in the future:
[a] responsibility-based operation for individual test districts,
[b] standardized management of all activities in safeguarded test sites,
[c] general operation measures and emergency response measures that help reduce faulty behaviors of test-takers. In addition, the Center holds annual meetings to develop general directions for test administration, re-examine test administration in each test district, and to summarize problems occurring on test sites and the responding solutions. Records of the meetings are synthesized and compiled, and the results are incorporated into the administration manuals for each section of the Center.

The Center has also been making use of multiple channels to spread important information. It helps test-takers understand the admission process by providing consultation services through information dissemination workshops, media, the website, and voice service. To ensure the quality of information provided, the Center updates information on the website regularly and sends electronic newsletters. In addition to necessary news releases, it also provides a supply of pamphlets and posters for individual test districts, schools, test-coaching institutes, and town governments. The Center also invites high school teachers and junior college teachers to the workshops before the exam registration materials are available for purchase.

The Center will utilize info-technology, especially the Internet, to make its services more convenient and accessible, such as on-line consultation, registration, and practice tests. This will be done to the benefit and interest of test-takers, test administration bodies, and recruiting schools.