The History Undertakings Organization Chart
Organization Test Administration Committee

1. Testing Practice Office
The office is in charge of planning and executing all types of test. It comprises three Sections: Administration and Planning Section and General Affairs Section.
[1] Testing Administration Section:
[i] to formulate and adapt the rules for test enrollment and administration,
[ii] to plan and implement the procedure of enrollment and test execution,
[iii] to plan, monitor, execute, research, review and improve the test administration of each test districts.

[3] General Administration Section:
[i] to compile the annual reports on test administration,
[ii] to print test booklets,
[iii] to examine and improve the printing process.

2. Administration Office
The office serves to facilitate the coordination and communication among the offices in the center and to hold meetings. The two sections in the office are Administrative Affairs Section and General Maintenance Section: administration unit, and general affair unit.
[1] Administrative Affairs Section:
[i] to schedule internal meetings,
[ii] to hold coordinative meetings between TCTE and the boards or councils associated with TVE college entrance,
[iii] be responsible for staff employment, supervision, and assessment,
[iv] release important information and make contact with other agencies or institutions.

[2] General Affairs Section:
to handle affairs related to purchase, maintenance, file and document management, and disbursement and receipt.

3. Research and Development Office
The office is in charge of test question designing and improving the TVE joint college entrance examination. It comprises two sections: Test Development Section and Planning and Research Section.
[1] Test Development Section:
[i] to develop tests for both the two-year and four-year TVE college entrance examinations,
[ii] to construct the item banks,
[iii] to enhance test quality, analyze items, explore new item types, and refine testing techniques,
[iv] to prepare potential test developers, and to hold conferences or workshops on testing. The major task is to provide specialized and reliable screening instrument for TVE colleges.

[2] Planning and Research Section:
[i] to design guidelines of test development for the TVE joint college entrance examination,
[ii] to assess the feasibility of re-defining subject categories and of developing basic test subjects that can be applied to different categories,
[iii] to plan and assess the feasibility of holding the entrance exam more than once a year.

4. Information Office
[i] to manage the database and item bank, and to construct and maintain the website,
[ii] to process information concerning registration, test administration, and scoring,
[iii] to re-issue test reports as requested by individual test takers,
[iv] to provide test reports for institutions participating in the TVE joint college entrance examination.

5. Accounting Office
The office makes budget plans, financial reports, and fiscal analysis.